yourthinkbox is now funneldriven

one of my other projects is a Digital SEO Agency in dallas.  It was called yourthinkbox.  Now, we’ve changed the name to Funnel Driven.  We are super excited about this and looking forward to how we can help businesses achieve digital success through SEO, PPC,…

Zombie Tracker is now live

I just launched a new website!  From there we will be liveblogging the zombie apocalypse .  everyone come check out the project and let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions!!!  

Metasalary – Granular Salary Data

If you are looking for Salary information at a state, county or city level, metasalary is your solution.  This website takes granular salary data points to create a customized salary report for every individual.  By combining unique salary datapoints with job data, these reports help…

Author Timothy Sexton is Dumb… and Hates Star Wars

Timothy Sexton wrote an article talking about how the prequel trilogy of star wars is better than the original.  He also bashes bush and is generally a mediocre author.  Check out a great rebuttal on Republic Reformation Also Star wars is in 3d! watch?v=r2uDO7M44UI

75 things to do before you die – 11 – Catch a Foul Ball

11. Catch a foul ball Well,  it has been sometime since i’ve actively worked on this blog and this list.  I can assure you moving forward that I will be much more active in my writing.  A lot has changed in last couple of years….

Dubya – the welsh terrier

Some say he got his name after the former President of these United States.  Others say dubya is just a representation for Welsh. The world may never know… This is my dog, dubya.  he’s my best friend. he likes to eat, sleep, and bite my…